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Tourist animators take care of hospitality and entertainment in hotels, villages and campings.
They are the real protagonists of the tourist facilities where they work: they welcome tourists and introduce them to the beauties of the facility and the territory and organize their free time with various recreational activities throughout the entire vacation.
This is why they are always brilliant, polite, helpful, smiling and engaging people.
They are the protagonists of entertainment and for this reason they are the reference point for tourists in holiday.

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Tourist animators work in teams of various sizes and have generic or specialized roles.
There are those who organize fitness classes, those who organize games on the beach, those who organize sports tournaments, those who organize children’s entertainment.
In the evening the entertainers prepare shows, games, act, dance, someone as professional, someone as amateur, but everybody united by the desire to have fun and entertain people. Regardless of their the role, everyone does public relations with the guests of the tourist facility. Public relations are the foundation of any tourist entertainment activity and allow to enter into a friendly relationship with the guests present in the structure in order to facilitate mutual socialization, knowledge of the structure, of the activities, of the opportunities and of the services offered.
The main tools to achieve this result are the welcome upon arrival of the tourists, the friendliness, the smiles, the dialogue during all day and the sharing of fun activities.